I’m Ali Katal (CTO | CO-FOUNDER | PhD).
Research associate at the Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering of Concordia University.
PlaneteGreenLeaves is a web-based platform for energy-efficient design and renovation of buildings to achieve urban sustainability objectives.

What I specialize in

Ali Katal is a research associate at the Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering Department of Concordia University. His research expertise is in the multi-scale urban building energy and climate simulation for urban climate resilience.

His current research focuses on climate change and heatwave mitigation by retrofitting existing buildings to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions by the building sector. This study helps to achieve the Pan-Canadian Framework objectives on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Ali has a Doctorate Degree in Building and Environmental Engineering from Concordia University. During his Ph.D. study, he was a member of the Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (CZEBS). He developed an urban building energy model called CityBEM for city-scale building energy simulation using publicly available datasets. CityBEM is appropriate for the simulation and optimization of the energy performance of all buildings in a city.

Ali is collaborating with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) since May 2019. He contributed to several projects on high-resolution numerical weather and air quality forecasting. He added the CityBEM to the numerical weather prediction system developed by ECCC to improve the weather forecasting in urban areas and provide the capability of short-term forecasting of buildings' energy performance in Canadian cities.