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Redefining urban climate analysis

Planète GreenLeaves (PGL) is a simulation tool that provides high performance, real-time climate simulation for municipalities and buildings stakeholders.


Founded in 2021 by a team of Environmental Building Engineering PhDs, PGL aims to contribute to the development of the sustainable cities of tomorrow.


At PGL, we are passionate about helping cities and towns create better urban environments. Our team of experts uses a proprietary technology to create microclimate simulations in urban digital twins that accurately measure the impacts of urban developments on the environment, for new or existing built environments. Our technology performs exceptionally well for large projects and also provides precise results for single building projects. We offer tailored solutions to help cities and towns optimize their urban environment and reduce the effects of climate change. Our services are rapid, cost-efficient and follow a data-driven process.


With our innovative solutions, cities and towns can make informed decisions that promote sustainable urban development. Our goal is to create a better future for all cities and towns and improve the quality of life of citizens in urban areas around the globe with our cutting-edge microclimate simulations.

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