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Projects and experiments

PGL is a leading urban microclimate simulation that has been transforming the way cities are designed, built, and managed. Recently, PGL has taken on a range of innovative projects to create more efficient, sustainable, and livable cities. Explore more about these projects to learn how PGL is redefining the future of urban planning.

building geometry urban digital twin new york

3D model

New York city

shading calculation buildings urban digital twin.png

Buildings shading analysis

Kuala Lumpur

real time micro climate simulation kuala lumpur urban digital twin.png

Real-time urban microclimate

Kuala Lumpur

Heatwave simulation

Montreal, Canada

urban microclimate building energy modeling san francisco.png

Urban microclimate and building energy

San Francisco, USA

energy carbon emission analysis urban digital twin.png

Energy and carbon emission multi-scale analysis

Kingston, Canada

humidity air pollution urban digital twin.png

Humidity and air pollution

Montreal, Canada

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