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Microclimate Simulation and Urban Design: Leveraging CityDigitalTwin

Currently, due to climate change issues, rising carbon emissions, new regulations from governments, and the escalating cost of energy, it has become imperative for urban planners, architects, and engineers to thoroughly study the urban environment, including microclimate and indoor conditions. The ability to accurately model and predict these factors is crucial for developing sustainable and resilient urban spaces. Therefore, the availability of a reliable, fast, and accurate simulation engine is highly needed to meet these growing demands and support informed decision-making in urban design and planning.

CityDigitalTwin empowers designers by integrating advanced physics-based simulations into the entire design workflow, starting from the earliest stages where critical decisions are made. For instance, rapid assessments of microclimate impacts on design are now possible with CityDigitalTwin's user-friendly interface. Architects and engineering firms worldwide are using CityDigitalTwin to evaluate building aerodynamics, pedestrian wind comfort, indoor and outdoor thermal comfort, and structural wind loading on buildings and cities. By providing a robust, scalable, and collaborative platform, CityDigitalTwin addresses the pressing need for reliable and accurate simulation tools in today's challenging urban planning landscape.

The GPU-based, time-transient integrated solver in CityDigitalTwin achieves significantly higher performance compared to CPU-based solvers, resulting in extremely rapid calculations even for large models. This has reduced simulation times for city-scale models by an order of magnitude, producing animated, visually insightful graphics that are crucial for understanding complex flow behavior and communicating designs to clients.

CityDigitalTwin is a unique and powerful platform that revolutionizes urban planning and design through its speed and precision. This platform achieves exceptional performance by utilizing a group of advanced numerical and mathematical approaches implemented into the model. Its highly parallelized code structure runs on multiple GPUs, enabling rapid and accurate simulations. CityDigitalTwin offers a range of features, including wind and thermal comfort, indoor and outdoor interaction, land surface temperature prediction, solar radiation analysis, shading estimation, and sky view factor, etc. These capabilities make CityDigitalTwin a pioneering tool in the field, providing comprehensive analysis of the urban environment and empowering architects, engineers, and urban planners to design more sustainable and resilient urban spaces.

We will discuss different features of CityDigitalTwin in the future posts.

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