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Planète GreenLeaves is an urban digital twin that brings together building geometry and climate data for real-time simulations and analysis.

What we do

We’re changing the way climate simulations are done.

PGL is an urban microclimate simulation that helps urban planners, architects, building owners, utilities companies and other municipal stakeholders optimize their urban and building designs and make more informed, data driven decisions. Our powerful simulation technology analyses the urban microclimate variables and help visualize the impact of weather elements on existing and new built environments. 


Our models are the fastest available, thanks to our proprietary numerical models and higher interpolation method.


Our algorithm allows PGL to compute these simulations on multi GPU, using regular PC hardware.

Modern Architecture


PGL is democratizing the access to climate analysis

for new and existing built environments.


Say goodbye to high resources studies, high costs and timely analysis.

Say hello to high quality comprehensive modeling, quality large grid projects and precise results and at an affordable price.

Urban Digital Twin

This proprietary simulation tool provides a high quality digital copy of cities around the world. Our unique model easily simulates building geometry and and numerous weather data together.

Large Projects

We use a bottom up approach to get precise results on small and large project, as big as an entire city.

Our model runs on multi gpu.
No need for heavy computing.

Building Model

Urban design

Optimize the design of new urban communities by considering sustainability objectives.

Modern Buildings

Urban microclimate

Predict outdoor environmental conditions including wind comfort, thermal comfort, and solar radiation for urban planning.

Wind Mills

Renewable energy

​Maximize renewable energy potential capacity, including solar and PV panels, and wind energy.


Carbon emission

​Track and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions at city scale to achieve net-zero objectives.

Scenario Studies

Contact us today for a demo tailored to your project.

  • Real-time urban microclimate simulation

  • Solar and shading calculation

  • Extreme weather events mitigation

  • Renewable energy potential

  • Green Roof model

  • Rain and humidity modelling

  • Tree and vegetation model

  • Wind power estimation

  • Carbon emission calculation

  • Energy consumption

  • HVAC models

  • PV module

  • and more



PGL is supported by experts from around North-America.

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